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Guiding Principles For Our Online-Only Mortgage Rate Business

     Home State Bank's rich 103 year history has focused on how we can best serve the residents of our community by providing them with products and services from trusted hometown professional advice.  Protecting and continually strengthening our reputation is of utmost importance.  This is accomplished by serving the best interests of our customers at all times, no matter if they are a young individual, or a growing family.  

     Technology has changed the way the world works.  We recognize, welcome, and have adotpted the benefits it provides.  For some, like first-time homebuyers with less experience, they need and want more support throughout the mortgage process.  We have many mortgage professionals

eager to help.  While often the experienced and quite savvy borrowers, simply want an "eye-popping" extraordinary rate.  We have developed this website to satisfy everybody, providing both great rates and personalized service.  As a company, we've adapted to the changing times, serving the different needs and wants of people in our community.  However, through the years we've remained steadfast in providing one fundamental service above all others:  Trust. 

     We would be honored to be considered your trusted financial partner, and promise that you will be working with people who operate with integrity.




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